Money-wise ways to stay in control of your spend

Every time you make a purchase, you make a financial decision. Will you swipe your bank debit card, put it on a credit card, or put down cold hard cash?

Cash and your debit card mean you are using your own money. Credit card equals debt.

Goldhar shed the debt professionals suggest you use your own money wherever possible.  Your debit card is just as convenient as a credit card. But unlike a credit card, it taps directly into your own money in your bank account. There is no “second” bill to pay 30 days later, and no interest adding up on the purchase.  In some respects, debit is even better than cash, because you have a record of everything you bought on your bank statement.

Cash can be elusive. As in “Where did that $20 go???”  When you can see where you spent it, you’re in control of your spend.

For everyday purchases, such as transit fares, gas for the car, coffee at Starbucks, groceries, etc, using your debit card is a money-wise choice.

Save the credit card for travel and large ticket items such as car repairs, home repairs, home appliances, and so forth. And when you do use your credit card, treat the spend as a personal loan from yourself to yourself, and have a plan to payback that loan over 3 or 4 months.

If it’s become a struggle to manage your credit card debt and other borrowing, arrange a free, no obligation consultation with a Goldhar shed the debt® professional. With offices across Ontario, it’s easy to find a Goldhar location near you. Fast dial #DEBT (#3328) on your mobile phone, or call toll-free 1-855-541-5114. Talking to Goldhar now about your debt is another money-wise move.