The Top Three Benefits of Having a Credit Counselor

The Top Three Benefits of Having a Credit Counsellor

When debt soars, trying to deal with it alone is a crushing experience. The loans you’ve taken or the high credit card balances following you can feel insurmountable. Invest in your future and get help. Meeting with a Credit Counsellor, free of charge, is the answer you need. Call Goldhar & Associates, Ltd., Licensed Insolvency Trustee, for a free, no-obligation consultation. Credit Counsellors are financial professionals with the skills and experience to review your debts, credit reports, and financial records and make a plan to Shed the Debt.

What are the benefits of working with a Credit Counsellor?

Firstly, you won’t be alone in your struggle with debt. Your Credit Counsellor can look at your specific situation to see what can be done. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, a Credit Counsellor will evaluate your options based on your debts, life circumstances, and goals.

Second, working with a Credit Counsellor allows you to review all the details of your financial situation. Together you will be able to create a get-out-of-debt plan that is perfectly matched to your level of income, the current issues you face, and where you want to be.

Finally, a Credit Counsellor brings a breadth and depth of financial knowledge to the table. They will advise you on how to Shed the Debt and provide workshops and resources to refer back to. A Credit Counsellor doesn’t just help you free yourself from your debt trouble but builds a strong foundation with you to help you stay out of debt in the future.

Shed the Debt with a free, no-obligation meeting with a Credit Counsellor so you can take the right next step. The professionals at Goldhar & Associates Ltd., Licensed Insolvency Trustee, can help. Call 1-855-967-DEBT (3328), email, or visit our website: to book a free consultation. A debt-free future is nearer than you think!