The Uncertain World of Debt During the Pandemic

Hard to believe it has been more than a year since the pandemic started and lockdowns became common. We are becoming pros at masking and social distancing.

However, something that is still up and down, is the anticipated return to work and possibly pre-pandemic income for many people.

Some people have been able to cut expenses because of staying home and with the COVID benefit packages available have been able to “get by”.  Others have experienced reduced income with little or no assistance available, especially those self-employed workers who may also own their own businesses.

During all this time, you may have been able to pay minimum payments on credit cards and other loans, but now it is looking like you will not be returning to work for some months yet.  Or your COVID EI benefit end date is coming up quickly and you are worried about making payments when it arrives.  Or you are even thinking a possible severance package may arrive instead of a call back notice.

Do not wait.  Plan for the time when your income will change yet again.  Plan for the time when those credit card companies will first gently remind you that you have missed a payment, but then become more insistent that you need to pay them. Plan for the time when that loan you took out to consolidate debts is now going to be difficult to pay.

Goldhar & Associates Ltd. can help you with all these questions and worries.  Our consults are free and we will take time to listen to your pandemic debt story – and any other stories about your debt.  Let us explain options available to deal with your debt before the stress of again another change in your financial circumstances means you do not have time to plan a strategy.  Now is the time to contact us.

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