With the tax deadline over, do you have questions about how CERB has affected your tax bottom line?

See if any of this checklist pertains to you:

1. You are worried about filing your taxes because you received CERB and are afraid you will owe taxes this year. File as soon as possible. You will be assessed a late filing fee but there will be a charge for each month you delay.
2. You do owe taxes because of receiving CERB. Do not panic. There may be no interest for one year to give you time to pay the amount owing if your taxable income is $75,000 or under.
3. Questions about CERB and your taxes – check this CRA website:
4. Questions about owing taxes and other debts – check Goldhar website:
5. Owe too much taxes and other debt to cover the taxes owing in one year: call Goldhar at 1-855-541-5114 right away for a free consult to develop a strategy to deal with all of it.



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