A balanced budget is to financial health what a balanced diet is to physical health


Best New Year’s resolution ever:
Make 2015 your year of Debt-Free


One of the hardest parts of balancing your budget is tracking the money in and the money out every month.
Goldhar developed an interactive rebalance tool to make it easy for you follow the money.

You’ll find it here, in our website, at www.shedthedebt.ca/rebalance
Login and give it a try.

You can set up your own private account, or use our special one-time access code:
If you don’t like the way your numbers add up, try removing all your credit card and loan payments.
You’ll see how much better your cash flow looks when you shed the debt.

If you like your debt-free balance sheet, talk to Goldhar today and start planning for a debt-free 2015.

It’s the best new year’s resolution ever!