Looking for a special Valentine gift?

Sit down with the love of your life and talk about money.

Yes, money.

Studies show that couples who can discuss their finances, and in particular their bills and their problems paying them, not only stay together, but have a happier, healthier relationship. And better sex.

Having the courage to talk to your sweetheart about money troubles now could be the sweetest gift you ever share.

I hope the outcome of your conversations will be easy answers to paying off the credit cards and loans. But if you need help, or it looks like you can’t get ahead of the bills, don’t despair.

Come and see Goldhar. We’re your “shed the debt experts”, who can help you get past the debts and start a fresh financial future.

Call to set up your  free personal financial review.

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That call can make all the difference to your love life. And who knows? Maybe this time next your you’ll have a new little baby valentine in the picture.