Make Babies, Not Debt

If you want to give your loved one a truly poignant gift this Valentine’s Day, sit down together with a cup of coffee and have an honest conversation about your financial health and your goals for financial stability. It may not seem like the most lovey-dovey of presents, but it is more life-changing than a box of chocolates, with benefits that extend far beyond your finances.

Studies show that couples who have regular discussions about money and finances have healthier relationships and, yes, even better sex. So what better day to set aside some time to go over your accounts than the day of togetherness, Feb. 14th?

Hopefully your discussions will lead to a solid plan for paying off those credit cards and loans as quickly and as efficiently as possible. But if you and your loved one find it’s more than you can solve on your own, consider connecting with a debt relief professional.

The shed the debt® professionals at Goldhar & Associates are ready and willing to help you and your partner find your fresh start. Call 1-855-541-5114 (or #debt on your mobile phone) to arrange a free personal financial review, with no obligation to move forward on any of the strategies suggested.

With the debt gone there will be plenty of time for new romance. Then, who knows? This time next year you may be adding another little Valentine to your family.

Here are some budget-friendly ways to treat your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day
without making new debt:

  • Try “Do-It-Yourself”: Tap into your talents by crafting something special. Knit a scarf, sing a love song, write a poem or cook a fabulous meal. It’s no secret that anything made with elbow grease is always a hit!
  • Plan a Picnic: Winter picnics are a challenge, but they’re totally possible. Whip up some hot chocolate and cookies, wrap your lover in a cozy scarf and take him or her to a nearby park for a frosty, romantic outdoor date. Or opt for a living room picnic. Lay down a blanket, pop some bubbly and dine on the floor with your favourite movie.
  • Write a Love Letter (the old school way): There is nothing more romantic than putting a pen to paper (not fingers to keyboards) and expressing your love and admiration of one another. What do you love most about your partner? What are your partner’s best traits? Tell your “love story”. This is something that you can keep forever!
  • Instead of splurging this year, commit to starting a “Valentine’s Jar”: Whenever you spot some loose change, drop it in the jar. Come next year, you could have the cash for an elegant night out!
  • Take advantage of your city’s free activities: Go skating at the local rink, find a fun, cost-free workshop to take together, or simply go for a starlit walk.

Whatever you choose, remember to celebrate the most important part of being a couple – each other!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Goldhar & Associates!