On Debt and Taxes

If you still owe tax from last year, or you don’t think you can pay off this year’s tax assessment, it’s still important to file your personal income tax returns. Filing on time saves you penalties.

This year the Canada Revenue Agency has handed you a gift…. an extra 5 days to prepare and file your returns. It seems someone at the CRA goofed, and announced that the filing deadline was May 5. Unhappily, but with good grace, the CRA has agreed to honour its error and stand by the extended deadline. Here’s the full story, from the media:


Getting back to debt and taxes… if you know you can’t pay, don’t wait until CRA makes the problem worse. Talk to Goldhar about ways to settle your tax debt without bankruptcy, and protect your home and other important assets.
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With the tax deadline extended, you have time to talk to Goldhar and still file on time! Call now.

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