Tips to Achieve Your March Break Vacations on a Budget

March Break is just around the corner, and even though we have had a significantly mild winter thus far, the sweet call of sandy shores is beaconing you to warmer climes. Unfortunately however, your bank account may be telling you a different story.

The good news is that it is possible to escape winter this March without breaking your bank account.

Our Goldhar “Shed the Debt” experts have put together a few tips on how to stretch your March Break vacation budget:

Find deals on flights

Most of us have been conditioned to use large travel sites like Expedia or Priceline to compare prices. While it’s still a good idea to shop these sites, don’t forget to check the airline sites as well. Oftentimes, the economy airlines such as Porter and Sunwing will not be listed on the bigger sites.

Flying on a weekday is another way that you can usually save money on flights – and if your destination is within the U.S., consider driving to a U.S. airport like Buffalo or Detroit so you won’t have to pay extra for an “international” flight.

Further, some airlines charge extra for checked baggage, so if you can squeeze the essentials into your carry-on, that could be another way to save some cash. Besides, you won’t need too many clothes at the beach anyway!

Sharing is caring

The rise of the sharing economy, means that there are even more deals to be found. Airbnb for example, can be a great way to have a unique vacation while saving on accommodations. If there is a larger group of you, you can rent a whole home and split the cost.

Once you reach your destination, you may save money getting from point A to point B by using Uber instead of a traditional taxi service.

And before you leave, don’t forget to check group deal sites such as Groupon for savings on restaurants and activities that you might be interested in.

Frugal on food

Unless you’ve booked yourself into an all-inclusive, food costs during a vacation can quickly add up. While it’s great to plan a few nice meals out, there are ways to economize the rest of the time.

Instead of going to a restaurant every time you need to eat, pay a visit to a nearby grocery store or farmers’ market and purchase items such as fruit, bread, peanut butter, cold cuts etc. If you’re staying in a place where you can cook your own meals, you can save even more money on food – but even if you can’t cook, you can put together some pretty nice ready-to-eat meals from the local supermarket.

Cover your assets with travel insurance

One sure way to blow up your vacation budget is to have a medical emergency. That’s why travel insurance is a must. You might be covered under your employer’s benefits but you need to make sure.

If you don’t already have coverage, then you’ll need to get some. Organizations like CAA, CARP as well as financial institutions offer various options, so shop around and find something that gives you adequate protection.

Enjoy your March Break vacation without financial stress.

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